Alternative Treatments for Anxiety

Although medication is commonly used to treat anxiety, alternative treatments for anxiety have been proven to be useful as these deal with the problem naturally.

In the past, many doctors believed the body and mind of a person were two different entities and there was no connection between the two but the latest research has shown the opposite results.

According to this research, mind and body have a very strong correlation with each other and a small problem in mind can affect the body and vice versa.

Traditional medicines only focus on physical symptoms of anxiety and do not use any treatment for supporting the mind.

Alternative treatments on the other hand use methods that solve the root cause of the problem from the mind as well as the body.

Natural therapies and stress management systems are proven to be very effective as they relax our mind which gives positive signals to the body.

Disadvantages of Traditional Medicines and Herbs Used For Anxiety

Most traditional medications used for treating anxiety have adverse side effects.

Kava is a common herb that is used for treating anxiety. It is very dangerous for the liver and has potential risk of liver injury.

In the same way, many people use passionflower to cure anxiety but it may cause nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, and rapid heartbeat. It is also not optimum for pregnant women or children.

Valerian is also one of the traditional medicines commonly used against anxiety. It should not be taken with other medicines that can depress the nervous system as this will potentiate the effects of this drug.

Effective Treatments for Curing Anxiety without Medication

Natural treatments provide the best and most effective cure for anxiety.  Following are some of the natural treatments that do not require any medication:

Cognitive Therapy

This is probably the most popular treatment used by doctors. It focuses on adopting a behavior pattern that allows an individual to manage anxiety.


Psychotherapy is also called “talk therapy” in which an anxiety patient communicates with the psychologist and discusses his whole problem with them. Psychologists relax the patient through various methods. The psychologist will also work on finding the root cause of the anxiety through talking in a friendly environment. Methods that work to change a patient’s thoughts to reduce fear is also used.

There are couple other therapies that give good results within a short time.


This therapy uses various oils extracted from various flowers, plants and herbs. These oils help the patients to get rid of the tension and stress and relax their mind.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is very effective as it relieves muscle tension and relaxes the body.

Panic Away

Panic Away is a technique developed by Barry McDonagh. Many anxiety attack sufferers have found permanent relief using his method. Visit his website here, Panic Away.