Curing Panic Attacks

curing panic attacksThe human brain is very complex and it’s very difficult to understand it completely. Sometimes when individuals continue to absorb their daily problems it can result in various disorders.

A panic attack is a disorder that may be connected to your previous or current life situation. If you suffer from panic attacks, it can feel as if you are going “crazy” or even dying. You may also experience symptoms similar to that of a heart attack and have severe pain. Others report loss of their senses and feeling a loss of control.

Panic attacks have no fixed time and can occur at anytime and anywhere. A panic attack reaches its peak in about 10 minutes and may last from half an hour to several hours.

Panic attacks are so strange and painful that it is not unusual for an individual to have lasting shock because of the attack that lasts for several days. If you’ve experienced a panic attack you may have even contributed it to a heart attack or a nervous breakdown.

Causes of Panic Attack

There are various causes of panic attacks.

Some of them are connected to your emotional life while others are connected to fears.

Normally a person may suffer from panic attacks when faced with a situation that causes fear in the individual e.g. some people have water phobia while others may have height phobia.

Panic attacks can also be due to the loss of a loved one or separation from a romantic partner with whom there was a mental and emotional connection.

Usually people suffering from extreme stress or hypertension may also suffer from panic attacks.

Most of the time panic attacks come from feelings of fear, sadness or depression.

Is There Permanent Recovery From Panic Attacks?

This greatly depends on the will power of the patient.

In order for you to achieve complete recovery, fears must be addressed. Particularly the fear of having another panic attack, as this is often the reason why they occur.

Treatment of panic attacks also depends on the mental condition of the patient. Some patients lose hope and become stressed, which makes it difficult to treat panic attacks.

A positive attitude will be necessary to start the recovery process.

Many panic attack sufferers have also seen great results in eliminating panic attacks through alternative methods such as Panic Away created by Barry McDonagh.

Natural Ways to Cure Panic Attacks

There are many natural ways that you can manage panic attacks before they start.


There are several natural ways by which panic attacks can be treated. Natural ways are also preferred as these are free from side effects. A few natural ways to cure panic attacks include engaging in physical activity, because it keeps the body calm and relaxed.


Slow and deep breathing also play an important role in managing panic attacks. Meditation is the best method in improving your breathing and making you calm and fresh.

Music Therapy

Research has revealed that calm and soothing music also relaxes your body and mind which decreases the chance of panic attacks.

More Natural Herbs and Remedies

Some people also use various natural herbs to treat panic attacks. These include but are not limited to:


This herb is used to treat insomnia, but also works with anxiety. Caution should be used with passionflower as it causes unpleasant side effects.

Lemon Balm

This is a mild sedative that can be used to reduce the heart rate and decrease anxiety levels.

Chamomile tea

This tea promotes relaxation and helps promote a good night’s sleep.


Oatstraw helps to immediately reduce anxiety levels


This is an Polynesian herb that has been found to have anti-anxiety effects. Caution should be used when ingesting Kava as the FDA has issued an advisory warning consumers of possible liver issues associated with Kava.


This herb is used with patients who have experienced mild anxiety.

The Panic Away System

Thousands of panic attack sufferers have seen amazing results with Panic Away. This method was created by Barry McDonagh, who previously suffered from extreme panic and anxiety attacks.