How to Cure Generalized Anxiety Disorder

how to cure generalized anxiety disorderIt is normal to worry about certain things when you are undergoing a lot of stressful life experiences, but when does your worrying become abnormal?

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is one of the types of panic disorders described as an extreme, persistent and disruptive worrying that affects your everyday living. As phobias are fears from specific origins, if you have generalized anxiety disorder you may be apprehensive due to broader matters. The causes can be simple like reading something terrible from the news or usual happenings like petty fights with neighbors.

Having GAD may cause you to be easily provoked with little to no reason at all to worry about a particular event. Your fears may be exaggerated, making it harder for you to fulfill your daily activities at home, school or work.

Can GAD be treated without medications?

When you choose to treat generalized anxiety disorder without medications, you are choosing to get to the root of the problem which is highly effective and you may not need to use medication again. Although treating GAD without medication is highly effective and works well for many, you should be sure you are using a reputable source to do so. I like this website for an effective method of treating anxiety completely, Panic Away.

Signs and Symptoms of GAD

GAD can be diagnosed by a psychiatrist according to the medical and psychiatric history and the chief complaints. The common signs and symptoms noted in GAD include the following:

1. Muscle aches

Severe anxiety causes a generalized tension of the muscles, which can cause a significant amount of body pain and headache.

2. Fatigue

Because of high stress levels, a person with GAD will always complain of being tired frequently, with little or no desire to stay productive.

3. Hot flashes

In cases of severe anxiety, the vital signs usually increase. Hot flashes may occur due to a very fast heart rate along with profuse sweating.

4. Breathing difficulties

With GAD, a person is at increased risk of experiencing an anxiety attack. Chest pain and an impending sense of doom may be felt.

5. Sleeping difficulties

Because of constant worrying, normal sleeping patterns are disrupted. Insomnia will later affect the immune system as well as the normal activities of daily living.

6. Irritable mood

A person with GAD may feel edgy and easily started. Naturally, this occurs because of the stimulation of the fight-or-flight response of the nervous system.

7. Paranoia

Oftentimes, paranoia is also associated with GAD. An overly anxious person is usually guarded and will always suspect that something unfortunate will happen. They have this need to be aware as the unknown can intensify their fears.

8. Poor interpersonal relationships

With extreme anxiety, a person usually shuns away from social situations due to fear of experiencing a panic attack. This affects relationships at various places, especially at work.

Achieving Recovery from Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Some people may think that GAD is a difficult condition to treat. Although quite challenging, the road to full recovery is quite achievable. Fortunately, there are a number of natural methods to help people recover from GAD:

1. Learn effective coping mechanisms

Through social coping, you surround yourself with friends and family members who are aware of your condition. Talking to them about your feelings will not only help you release tension, but it will help you build a strong support systems as well. Through rationalized thinking, you can squeeze the meaning out of every stressful situation to help you cope better. Proper coping mechanisms are extremely important to prevent the condition from affecting you again.

2. Practice different relaxation techniques

It is important to practice relaxation to prevent mind tension and lessen muscle tightening. Massage can loosen up tense muscles while promoting a soothing feeling. Yoga and meditation are also advisable treatments to help you focus on positive thoughts. They usually promote optimism to fight back all your worries. Breathing exercises also play an essential role to treat GAD. Learning how to breathe properly whenever you can feel an attack coming will help you avoid it.

3. Change unhealthy ways of living

Eating nutritious meals and decreasing your caffeine intake can minimize jittery feelings. Spiritual and religious involvement may also help in improving your outlook in life. Exercise promotes an enhanced breathing pattern whilst boosting your immune system.

GAD is a serious condition that you ought to conquer, because unfortunately for some, they let the illness control them. These three simple yet powerful healing measures are proven effective for everyone to practice. They are not harmful and they do not have side effects. When done properly and repeatedly, you will be amazed by how much your condition has improved.

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