How to Deal with Panic Attacks

how to deal with panic attacksA panic attack is a feeling of intense fear in which the individual feels very lonely and unsafe. Panic attacks can also cause physical pain with some sufferers reporting feeling feel heart attack and nervous breakdown like symptoms.

If you have suffered from a panic attack you may have felt out of control or even “crazy”. Some sufferers even report doing harm to themselves as well as to other people in their surroundings.

You may have even felt a numb sensation throughout your body during the attack and had difficulty breathing. Some people who suffer from panic attacks also become weak and fragile.

Is is possible to completely eliminate panic attacks?

If you suffer from panic attacks you know how debilitating they can be. They effect the way you live your life and having a panic attack is one of the worse feelings you can ever experience.

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Managing Symptoms of Panic Attacks

A positive attitude is extremely helpful in stopping a panic attack. You can easily manage the symptoms of panic attacks by reacting to those symptoms in an orderly manner. It will be important to understand what is actually happening to your body during a panic attack so you don’t cause further anxiety by wondering if you are suffering from a “deadly condition”.

Training Your Brain

If you have a fear of heights or water it will be helpful to practice techniques to train your mind to see these events as non-threatening.

Distracting Yourself

You can also manage the symptoms of panic attacks by taking deep breaths and focusing your mind on some other things.

You are essentially distracting yourself from the stimulus that causes anxiety.

Diverting Your Attention

You may also find it helpful to start doing things that make you happy when you start to feel unusual stress or worry.

Listen to your favorite music, call your best friend or start singing etc.

The best time to control a panic attack is before it starts. When you learn to have control of your panic attacks then the interval between attacks gradually starts decreasing.

Additional Treatments

You can get full recovery from panic attacks. Many individuals have found the Panic Away to be helpful in completely curing panic attacks. You can learn more about it here, Panic Away.

It is important to remember that panic attacks are not a physical illness but more so a mental disorder or a habit. It is just the thoughts in your mind that initiate these attacks.

If you are able to manage your fear then the panic attack will ultimately be eliminated.

There are very limited medicines for panic attacks. Doctors will usually opt to treat patients through proper counseling before administering medications.

Popular Treatments to End Panic Attacks


Although, some doctors and psychologists prefer to end panic attacks through proper counseling, sometimes medications will be prescribed for these attacks. Paroxetine and sertraline are two approved antidepressants that are commonly used in treating the panic attacks.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Another method to treat panic attacks is cognitive behavioral therapy. This therapy basically focuses on those behavioral patterns that stimulate the panic attacks. It involves adopting a behavioral pattern that will allow you to manage your panic attacks

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