Panic Away Review

panic away review

What is Panic Away?

Panic Away uses a technique called the 21-7.  The 21-7 technique was developed to help individuals to stop fearing panic attacks. It is this fear of a panic or anxiety attacks that causes individuals to continue in the cycle of having these attacks. The technique is really simple but extremely effective.

What is the 21-7 Technique?

The 21-7 technique shows individuals how to feel safe in an easy to apply way.  It moves mental activity away from the mid brain, the impulsive part of the brain that activates the “flight or fight” response to the forebrain, the logical part of the brain.

This technique is unique because you don’t have to regress into your past and figure out the reason you had your first initial panic attack to get effective results. This technique does not rely on popular treatments like “deep breathing”, distracting yourself from the stimulus or positive affirmations. These techniques are not effective for permanently eliminating the attacks.

Most techniques are created not to show people how to end anxiety but to simply show people coping strategies once the panic or anxiety attack happens.

Panic Away is in fact an advanced cognitive technique developed from traditional psychology. It can be applied by all sufferers of panic and anxiety attacks regardless of how long the individual has suffered.

Who created Panic Away?

Panic Away was created by former panic attack sufferer Barry McDonagh. Barry suffered from frequent panic attacks and generalized anxiety disorder. His passion for creating the Panic Away system came from his strong desire to create a natural way to stop panic attacks and reduce general anxiety.

Barry has worked with top psychologists in order to develop the Panic Away program.

He has been teaching this technique to thousands of anxiety and panic attack sufferers for over nine years.

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