Prevent Anxiety Attacks

prevent anxiety attacksAnxiety attacks are not only debilitating, but can also make some socially awkward situations.

Such attacks often cause you to stay away from crowds to avoid embarrassment.

It’s discomforting to have an anxiety attack, especially when you are around a number of people. Whether at home, school, or work, if you’ve just experienced an anxiety attack you will most likely feel ashamed for not being able to control the manifestations.

Being looked at and judged for something that is uncontrollable is definitely upsetting. If you’ve experienced an anxiety attack, thoughts of running away and social isolation are common feelings. There is a strong desire to overcome this condition since you will want to get back to daily life and overcome your fears.

Can anxiety attacks be cured without medication?

When using medication to treat anxiety attacks, it is important to recognize that only the symptoms are treated. You will have to take medication for the long term and sometimes indefinitely to continue to get results. A lot of people are moving towards alternative methods that treat the root cause of anxiety.

These methods prove to be more effective because instead of treating symptoms, these methods actually get to the cause of anxiety and stops it before it even becomes a horrible anxiety attack. I like this website for curing anxiety without medications, Panic Away. Many people have had great results from using this particular method.

Stopping An Anxiety Attack in It’s Tracks

Anxiety attacks are actually manageable and preventable, however stigmatizing they appear for some people. There are some foolproof ways that can help you avoid traumatic experiences in both public and private places. With the right attitude and will, anxiety levels can be easily managed. Three natural techniques exist for everyone’s convenience:

1. Acknowledging the presence of anxiety attacks

Recognizing the presence of a problem is a huge first step in solving whatever predicament you have. In the psychiatric context, acknowledging the presence of an anxiety disorder will prevent possible attacks in the future. Once you fully understand matters concerning anxiety attacks, you will find out that even though they may seem sudden, they are not life-threatening when controlled with proper natural techniques. You may want to visit Panic Away for more information regarding anxiety attacks and why they occur.

2. Performing breathing techniques

Anxiety attacks cause over-breathing or hyperventilation. In order to prevent this, controlling your breathing is essential to maintain your calm. It takes constant training for you to be able to master breathing exercises. One technique is holding your breath as you count from 1 to 10. As you hold your breath, think of a happy place or a pleasant memory which will help keep your focus. Then, slowly exhale whilst keeping focused on calm thoughts. You should inhale through your nose while you exhale through your mouth.

Deep breathing exercises are also effective alternative techniques. To do this, air must be inhaled into your lungs in such a way that the stomach is expanded and not the chest. You can do this at any place and any time of the day.

3. Practicing guided imagery

Fear usually originates from doubt and negativity. If you feel anxious, start closing your eyes, relax your mind and release all the tension. The mind is powerful enough to create formidable ideas, but it is just as imaginative when creating pleasant thoughts. Performing guided imagery in the face of anxiety would be a bit of a challenge, but allowing someone trustworthy to supervise what you should see would be extremely helpful. You can relive your happiest memory, or invent a relaxing place in your mind to prevent severe anxiety.

Overcoming anxiety attacks with these three quick ways can put your mind at ease whilst increasing your self-confidence. With constant practice and determination, anxiety attacks can no longer be an obstacle to living a normal life, and you can finally be the sociable person that you have always hoped to be. By sticking to alternative healing techniques, you are able to surmount over mental hurdles to help you become a strong individual. Visit Panic Away for more information regarding effective techniques to prevent anxiety.