Treatment for Panic Attacks

treatment for panic attacks

Panic attacks occur because of anxiety disorder and affect millions of people around the world. Simply put, a panic attack is an exaggeration of the body’s normal response to fear, stress or excitement, the fight or flight response. Panic attacks can occur at any age but they usually start in early adulthood.

It is estimated that women suffer from panic attacks more commonly than men but interestingly young boys and girls are almost equal in ratio.

Panic attacks can occur without a stimulus or may be associated with some event that triggers the attack.

If you have previously experienced a panic attack, you may have developed irrational fears, called phobias, about the situations you were in during previous attacks and begin to avoid them.

These fears may elevate to a stage where the mere idea of doing things that preceded the first panic attack triggers panic disorder.

There are a number of reasons which have been identified as causative factors for panic attacks.

Reasons for Panic Attacks

Some of the major causes are bad experiences, drug addiction, emotional problems and stress. The condition must be treated effectively to ensure that further complications do not arise because of the panic attacks.

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If you are suffering from panic attacks you may experience difficulty in breathing, cold feet, chest pain, sweating and rapid heartbeat. These symptoms may subside after few attacks but if not tackled properly panic attacks may happen again and again and lead to panic disorder.

Ways to Treat Panic Attacks

Different ways are adopted to treat panic attacks.

Two of the most effective methods commonly used to treat panic attacks are cognitive therapy and breathing exercises.

Cognitive Therapy

Cognitive therapy with a psychologist is considered to be an effective method. This therapy enables the patient to think sensibly. The patient is also trained about how to manage different situations and how to overcome panic attacks.

Although slightly effective when working with a trained psychologist, this method still does not address the root cause of a panic attack.

If you decide to pursue this method, be careful to choose an accredited psychologist as many are not trained on how to administer this method properly.

Breathing Exercises

Another popular panic attack treatment is breathing exercises.

Although it will not completely control panic attacks, it can reduce the number of panic attacks as well as duration of attacks.

Other Treatments

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